Test course

Lasts 1h and consists of the theoretical part on the simulator outside of the water, and the practical part on the sea.

This course gives everyone the opportunity to try the art of windsurfing and to see if they want to proceed with the next course: the basic course.
If you decide to continue with the Basic Course, you only have to pay the difference between the Test Course and the Basic Course. (1 h = 40 €)

Beginners course

It lasts 6, respectively 8 hours.

This course covers both theory and practical applications on the simulator and on the water.

The theory includes the windsurfing basis: the effect of the aerodynamics and hydrodynamics on the equipment, the parts of the equipment, the directions of wind currents and dangers at sea.
Practice begins on the coast on a mobile simulator and it includes: climbing on board, raising the sails, the basic position, sailing position, changing the direction of sailing and the basis of turning against and downwind. Once mastered the practice on the simulator, the same procedure follows on the sea, with the instructor.

The purpose of the basic course is to enable each participant to move independently on the sea. (6 h = 180 € ; 8 h = 200 €)

Advanced course

The advanced course is for those who have already passed the basic course or those who already have the basics, mastered and want to further improve themselves.

This course includes advanced turn with the wind (jibe), advanced turn against the wind (tuck), beach start, driving with a harness and a lesson to improve riding against and with the wind.
(5 h = 160 €)